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About KEWSA?

Kerala Electrical Wireman and Supervisors Association is an organization of wiring workers registered under the Travancore Cochin Charitable Act, 2017.

In addition to the Government's wiring license to each wireman, the key objective of the organization is to level them up to international standards through one-to-one technical training sessions. The role of the organization in molding specially trained wiring professionals who are very responsible and are well versed in safe wiring practices is in the limelight.

This organization puts in the effort to filter out the best wireman and place them in the organization's job category to assure a secure job and security (insurance cover) through ESIC. In turn, the customer can have a trustworthy, safe service at a low cost.  Kerala Electrical Wireman and Supervisors Association works in compliance with the Government laws and is the first of its kind to empower wireman with ESIC insurance.

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